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 I finished the thing! The short thing not the beast thing. But I feel accomplished because I wound up writing like 4k in an evening soooo good to know i can still do that then. 

things today!

-- finish last flashback so far
-- begin reread + fill-out + brainstorming other flashbacks
-- clean room
-- send out resume to like two things (COME ON, SELF)
-- hide because a certain person is in town and possibly knows your address and you don't need that in your life lmao 

NOTE: dr's appt wednesday (tomorrow) @ 11:15
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  • i saw fob with julie & the roomie yesterday! it was a solid show, altho julie pointed out there was less stage chatter than usual, but there was some very important lovegazing and awful losersmiles so like. GOODNESS ABOUNDS. however --
  • if you're in the pit at a fob show, please don't shove too much and be fucking careful if you're gonna crowdsurf. there's 13 yr olds in the crowd. don't be an asshole.
  • i now have next to no voice but am singing along to folie anyway. I DO WHAT I WANT. 
  • bought a mcat prep book! i'm going to start planning my study schedule tomorrow
  • today i'm gonna finish that fucking b_m fic, finish the last flashback so far for bbb, brainstorm possibilities for the other ones, and begin my reread/edit/fill-in. my goal is to be completely done by this upcoming monday so that we can send it in to be betaed asap (hi caryn ilu caryn). that may not seem like a lot of time but i'm gonna buckle down, since i will likely have some kind of employment taking up my time later. hopefully. fingers crossed.  (eta: oh yeah and we were chosen by an artist & a mixer so i'm super excited to hear from them!! i hope they're down for collab-ing bc i'd love for them to get a chance to see it w the flashbacks. i think the scenes from the various earlier eras really ease the pacing of the fic and they also serve as the foundation for all the character arcs and stuff in it so. YEAH. also bb pete and patrick are just so much fun to write. AWFUL CHILDREN.)
  • lolo should date me. lolo should date all of us. (we were gonna write that in lipstick across our chests but i only had pink and it wouldn't show up well alas.)
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-- up at 9, breakfast on the go because they're testing the fire alarms, UGH
-- swing by chapters to grab my books
-- find a library with air conditioning on campus
-- free time until dr's appt! should probably work on the prompt i said i'd do. will probably spend it moping because i'm a moper atm.
-- dr's appt
-- free time until floor barre; should probably write, will probably mope
-- floor barre
-- grab groceries on the way home
-- ignore the agony in order to shower, make dinner (i forget what time floor barre is but it'll probably dinner time)
-- modify cover letter, send thing out to other things
-- should write, will mope
-- email mom 


Jun. 17th, 2014 05:04 pm
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-- got in big bang draft! it's missing one or two full scenes + a few scene endings, plus flashbacks, but it's pretty complete! we clocked in at like 33000, and as of tonight are at around 34500, having finished the first flashback, YEAHHHHHHHHH
-- scheduled a second date ahhhhhh!!!
-- went for a run today; went to dance class on monday; my calves are on FIRE
-- dr's appt scheduled for friday @ 3:00

-- groceries: milk, cucumber, frozen pizza things, possibly bread, possibly tomato soup; moisturiser, something along the lines of cookies
-- i need to buy a fan. not yet but soon. 
-- finish updating resume, apply to the things: place down the block, thing in email, check hospitals, ACT zine thing, 
-- get shift key fixed
-- clean apartment before alina gets back lmaooo
-- email prof back about classes? i should make an attempt to be personable given the whole "planning secretly to convince you to be one of my references" thing
-- review procedure for signing up for MCAT; once my ordered books are in at chapters i will buy some prep books when i go to pick them up. although there are probably some for free on the internet? idk we'll see. 
-- BIG BANG THINGS. things things things. 
-- finish fic for b_m omfg you are 2/3s of the way there stop stalling
-- finish tu me manques fic, also omfg
-- work on various and sundry AUs???? i srsly need to finish at least ybc au and robot au SOMETIME. also cellist patrick. that's sooooooo important. and hp au!! (i'm a mess)

......... other things to follow when i remember them

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Rating: PG13 (it's what i call fluffporn. Completely excessive amounts of fluff, to the point of near-pornography. Shut up.)
Word Count: 2,326
Disclaimer: the characters in this fic in no way represent the real life people who share the same names. This is fiction, y'all. If you or someone you know has these names, please back-click right the fuck out of here immediately.
Notes: written for [personal profile] whatimages for the porn battle! I worked off the prompts of family, marriage, and home. Many thanks to Caryn for reading this over for me!
Pairing: Patrick Stump/Elisa Stump/Pete Wentz/Meagan Camper

Summary: Pete’s had a key to Patrick’s since Patrick moved in, before he even met Elisa. Meagan’s is a newer thing, however. Pete still feels a kind of disbelieving, happy thrill whenever he thinks about that. It’s been a year, but whatever, it reminds him of how incredibly lucky he is. He pats ineffectually at his pockets for show until Meagan rolls her eyes and digs into her purse, and he watches, smiling like a sap, as she unlocks the door.

Read more... )
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yo, this was literally created because so many fests happen on dreamwidth and i'm too lazy to figure out openid. find me on lj here, ao3 here, and tumblr here.


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